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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam

@STN Can you say the problem solved?

All cheats was broken. Are they working now?

@Besiktas hello mate! did you just posted all those messeges in a row ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I just tested and indeed the cheats dont work, i can hear the magic sound of activation, but they just remind deactivated.

Yes i posted. :

No need for machine gun your comments, if you forget something you can always edit the comment , cheers!

It not work. Please chek agiain

No rush, but will be grateful if trainer will work again. Steam game version is 1.42

i need help the cheats dont work on TQ anniversary edition

I can’t find the latest version of the game free and don’t have the game on steam. Not sure how to update the trainer

i need help none of the cheats work can u help me it is TQ anniversary edtion

i buyed it on steam

Not sure if I can do this but maybe these can assist you. top is the most recent, 10 June 2017, steam version 1.42 is still live, update was made in March 2017.

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Perfect, thank you! I guess i will finally update the trainer.

Great, I hope it works.

so have the chests been updated :slight_smile:

Patience. It will be ready when the time comes


Today the game was updated to steam version 1.44 (before was 1.42) (
When this version will be cracked, I will give a link to you.

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The cheats don’t seem to work at all. Is there an update scheduled?