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Titanfall 2 Cheats and Trainer for Origin

I am just taking the error message for its word. I wouldn’t know if you get the error while playing singleplayer offline, would be strange considering how specific the message is but it wouldn’t be impossible since bugs do happen.

And you can be connected to a server outside mutliplayer. There’re leaderboards, optional co-op, general stat tracking and much more in recent AAA games (gta 5 for example, you can see your story progression on the website).

Nothing anyone here can do to fix issues not related to Infinity.

Same problem there. I just played Titanfall 2 and I wanted to leave my Titan, but then this showed up.

Could be that they updated the game… i will look it up.

Anyone got the change to fix these I just tried it and they don’t stay activated:


I second this. These options are still not working in Infinity. I’ve tried reinstalling Infinity, Titanfall, and starting a new campaign but i cannot seem to find a fix.

Same thing happened to me, and all that I done was simply the following:
I restarted the mission from the beginning and didn’t use I think it was either the no reload or the infinite ammo cheat(s) until I got to the part that the error showed up on.

Will you be providing a fix for not being able to use: unlim. jump, unlim. dash, no cloak timeout and instant tactical cooldown?

i must admit it would seem really enjoyable with unlimited double jumps and much faster with dashes

I can’t even get the trainer to activate. I have my game running and I click play on infinity but it does nothing, no spinning circle, no check, no error message, as if I never clicked play. Any suggestions?

Are these

unlimited titan leaps
unlimited double jumps
no cloak timeout
instant tactical cooldown
instant rocket cooldown

the ones not working? if there are any other then kindly report them too.

I am having the same exact problem. My game is installed in Origin.
I can play the game, but the Trainer does not activate. Sorry after Custom exe find - it activates and starts the game. not sure about active features yet.

unlimited titan leaps
unlimited double jumps
no cloak timeout
instant tactical cooldown
instant rocket cooldown

those still don’t work , fix them as soon as possible please , thx in advance .

The Titanfall 2 cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

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The no reload cheat appears to be setting the clip size to a fixed number rather then freezing it. This is causing an issue when exiting your Titan, game crashes with error saying clip size is higher then max size.

Also, No cloak timeout, Instant tactical cooldown, instant rocket cooldown, unlimited titan leaps, & unlimited double jump all dont work.


I’m having the same problems

im having a problem with the trainer i cant start it

Same here. I just installed the game and I can’t start the game from the Infinity Menu

found it
just make a custom shortcut and link it to the cheat

Im having the same problem as Naddox from (July 7). Is there going to be an update to this cheat?


About 4 hours into the game im getting this error everytime I try to leave my titan. It’s kinda made the game unplayable now :frowning: