Titanfall 2

Inf Health
Inf Health - Titan
Inf Ammo
No Reload
Inf Gadget

make requests here

I checked there and it’s not listed.

You can request it anyway. Just search for it above then request it

Think he did

Bet, this is because its not a game on steam.

Right @frank?

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Asked for the same thing yesterday and they sent me to that page but nothing comes up :frowning:

Sorry for that. I believe people thought it was in the search bar.

You see, how this work is that all Steam games is imported into the search function.
Since Titanfall isnt a steam game, it wont show up if its not added manually.

Thats how it need to be done here i bet. We will fix it :slight_smile:

Yes, I knew that before as well.

That’s why I wrote this. To quote my OWN previous reply:

Yeah you did right by that. I believe this is just an misunderstanding.

@frank will fix it, im sure :slight_smile:


Hello, tell me, will trainer Titanfall 2 ?

Huh, totally forgot about that.

But yes, that’s the reason (non-steam game).

If you read the topic, you would have known.

But there is some problem with non-steam games that is not added to the request page.
However, after it is added it totally depends on how many people that request it by spending their WeMod Points.

It goes up to 100,000 points, to more people spend into the request page for the game, the faster it will come.

Titanfall 2 was added:

What else are we missing? Thanks for heads up!

Games exclusive to origin is it I think

and stuff like Diablo 3 cant be added, I like the game but don’t care for the season stuff so I want to be a badass and kill everything without dying

I guess everything from M$ is going to be “Play Anywhere”, so i guess there will be some games comming from there that is not on steam.

But nothing thati can come up with right now.

Any way to increase xp gain after multiplayer matches? the grind is friggin terrible in that game

I dunno trick the game to think you put in an xp boost?

single player only. since they dont support the use of trainers in multiplayer.

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