App Horizon

Toggle malfunction

the toggle were functioning well befoe the last update but now they are getting inactive by themselves. already reinstalled 2 times yet same issues.

Which game are you trying it on? Or is it for every game?

it is for every single game

It’s most likely your antivirus if its every game when wemod updated the AV didnt like it. Usually why the they shut back of when you Click them on

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its never turning on as soon as i activate it it get disabled even if AV is off

What av are you using?
Also does wemod say “playing” the whole time?
or does it only say “play”?

Also please list which games you are trying.
It’s highly unlikely that every trainer you’re trying is outdated

it always says playing and i am using guardian net secure paid version

Never heard of that AV and after googling it many others didn’t either.
Still need the games you’re using.
For now it looks like the problem is on your end

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Need to probably whitelist these exe’s even if you dont have bitdefender will wor