Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Sadly, both cheat doesn’t work.

Don’t use the unlimited item cheats with it. You can only use one of those three cheats at a time.

how do you use the reset key? I select the item and press f9 but it doesnt do anything. I can erase normal items with ease but i cant remove quest items like Memory strap which is the item that is preventing me from advancing…

I guess it doesn’t work then. For the cheat to work you need to use it at least once

unfortunately it doesn’t work with quest and side quest items, memory strap like Sione7 said about prevents story progression when the unlimited item cheat is activated. I thank you for your work on infinity for this game STN if you can figure this out I’m sure you’ll have several gamers undying gratitude; mine and the couple others that have posted

still not working, but it’s fine i got a save game just at the start of the chapter 6.

is there a fix for the quest items yet…just had the game bug out on me in chapter 6, but the only save i have from before I turned in the quest was in chapter 2.

Will this not work for the GOG client version, is it specific to the steam version, or would it work if I pointed Wemod at the GOG client?