Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Cheats and Trainer for Ubisoft

is byepass safe

can you change the Unlimited Resources 15k to 999k thanks

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@MrAntiFun Wildlands got an update on 11/10 and WeMod now crashes the game every time when i turn on God Mode.


After the update, F8 crashes game. If I select more than 5 options, it crashes game.

Game CTD after initial splash screen. Using Uplay with the Uplay zip files

Can you please make a God Vehicle mod? and the ultimate drone range

So like i don’t know if because of me downloading the game via xbox game pass but the game crashes once i try and turn on the mods

sooooo, and older version of this trainer had more than double the options. why have so many been cut? in particular some sort of XP cheat is needed as well as drone range and battery.

Why does my game crash EVERY time I try to inject the trainer in ghost mode, (the only mode I’ve tried as of writing this)?? can someone help? or am I missing something, after attempting twice, I have confirmed that it is both ghost mode and regular story

Better Accuracy and God Mode is causing crashes. Why are you deleting my posts?

After numerous days of testing this is a VERY UNSTABLE mod. I think out of the 4 years of using WeMod, this ghost recon wildands mod has to be thee WORST ive ever experianced. Constant crashing at random. Whether its unlimited ammo, no reload, whatever…most time i just keep no reload on and then transport to waypoint and thats it. God Mode, Better Accuracy will Crash your game too. ONLY USE THIS, if you are in a really BAD and desperate situation in Wildands where you cant get past a certain part because your getting smoked by bad guys, otherwise dont use this its just a giant headache…atleast untill they fix it. Do they ever test these things throughout the years? Or do they just release one trainer then never touch it again?

This game has been tested thoroughly by myself and several other testers and none of us experienced the issues you are having.

well its not only me. 2 of my friends are having the same problem. as well as many of the user above have said the same thing. so its not JUST me.

I am also having the same problem, when god mode is enabled the game crashes abruptly. Also, teleport to waypoint isn’t even working. When unlimited ammo turns on it automatically get turn off. So I think the trainer is not working. My game version is : 4073014

I am trying to use Wildlands trainer for ubisoft for a quite few days and only 2- 3 mods are working. I want to use teleport specifically but it doesn’t even work, I did as instructions but it’s not working. When turning on unlimited ammo or few of the settings, it automatically gets turn off. But when turning on God mode, the game crash abruptly. My game version is: 4073014.

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The unlimited resources option for the trainer…I tried to upgrade one of my weapons, and the numbers for gas, medical, coms and food are decreasing instead of increasing. Now I have everything on except unlimited ammo as with no reload on, there’s no need for unlimited ammo.

I’m going to try it again without godmode and see if the numbers climb up or not. But It would have been nice to specify how much points we could put on this. And before you ask… YES I shelled out 20 bucks for Ubisoft’s subscription servce as it was not in my budget to buy the game. I want to be able to max out all of my guns but I can’t do that if the numbers are not where they’re supposed to be at.

Update: 16K for each resource? No it needs to be much higher than 16K as 16K for each resource does not last long when you’re upgrading all weapons or specific weapons. And yes, each time I collect a resource I check and it’s topped out at 16K.

May I know your game version?

The Ubisoft one that you get from Ubisoft’s subscription with all of the DLCs?


version is different but in my case unlimited skills is only working, unlimited resources doesn’t even turn on