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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Cheats and Trainer for Uplay

Raid is, I believe, an online co-op feature. WeMod does not provide hacks for online games, only cheats for single player offline games.

Attempting to use a trainer online, even though the chances of it working are close to zero, can still potentially trigger anti-cheat bots which have the ability to auto-ban. We don’t recommend cheating online nor do we condone it.

understood Ravenfyre. Thnaks for your answer

I am still having the same issue running the trainer again. I was able to run it before just as you mentioned but it looks like it might be something else.

Hi all,

Trainer is working perfectly, big thanks to MrAntiFun. Was just wondering if there might be an update coming with EXP Boost or Instant Max Level or something similar? Thanks!

where do i find the file download ??

If you read the very first post in this thread, it directs you to here for the bypass download: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The God Mode keeps toggling off. Anyone has that problem?

Could change the
Unlimited resources for some 100K?

God mode does not work it makes the game crash instantly and also anytime I try to get resources from moving trucks or flying the airplanes the game crashes. Everything else works fine.


golem and raids are both breakpoint, this is wildlands, this is the better one of the two

start game with the GRW exe, it starts the game in 64 bit mode.

can anyone share easyanticheats folder with me please, i ducked up with it nad now i have broke it, please
my email please

It’s right at the top of this page second comment down , but here

i mean i have done something with it and now it says it is missing file, thats why i wanted a folder with easyanticheat

That file would contain exes which are not allowed here as they are protected by copyright laws and could cause legal troubles for us.

And if aomeone has send it directly to me so i can play it at least normaly, please my mail is [Private Information Removed]

As our community manager said above, this will not happen due to the law. This is not a community that engages in criminal activity nor condones it.

Either verify the integrity of the game files (tutorial: or re-download the game.

Also refrain from sharing private information in a public space. It’s the #1 rule of internet safety.

If you can’t play normally just verify file integrity. Uplay will automatically download the files that are missing.

thanks chris now i can play at least normaly, didnt think about verifing

Very unstable.
Crashes after activating or deactivating cheats a couple of times.