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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Cheats and Trainer for Uplay


Hmm Ok didn’t know VG locked the files. Maybe Frank can disable VG for this or you could just add a trainer note advising people to disable VG.


…or they can just use Cheat Engine with an updated table and manually typed in Stea/UPlay command line argument + 3KB DLL in EasyAntiCheat folder.


So, how some players on Uplay, succeed ? :roll_eyes:


I think you’d have better results asking them directly. There was even a post here, with a screenshot, telling you what to do to get it working. Please do your due diligence and look it up. Thank you.

L.E.: Here you go:

If that still doesn’t help, then sorry. It’s your OS.




Have no idea what you’re talking about. GRW (and other Ubisoft games) are designed to be started through a launcher; this launcher (rungame.exe in this case) will check-up the requisites, as well as if the main GRW.exe has been altered (MD5 check). I can make it so EAC doesn’t load at all, as well as no need to have an EasyAntiCheat folder anymore, but that won’t be part of WeMod :stuck_out_tongue:



Yes. Ask in the right place. This is a WeMod forum. Thanks!


Teleport doesn’t seem to be working for w/e reason…


Firstly, ty for this client it helped alot and you did a good job. Secondly if you could check my comment about the ghost war a bit up and explain if something like that would work i’d appreciate it.


^ The trainer is intended for single player experience. Ghost War is online activity which neither me, as a person, nor WeMod support. Plus EAC boots you out for loss of sync when you use options in the trainer.


Teleport does work.

First-up, have you noticed how, when you run around and look at the horizon, the engine generates objects far? Objects that, if you move 50-100m backwards, while still checking that horizon, they disappear? Well… that’s why the teleporter doesn’t work as well - - if you intend to traverse a map and teleport to an area that the engine has not loaded up yet… you’d say it doesn’t work.

Having said that, open map, choose a map marker (tent, car, resource, etc. - - a predefined marker, not one you would custom-create) close to where you want to teleport - - why? because those markers are actual objects with XYZ coordinates and you will teleport there, regardless - - teleport there, then M, simply set a customer marker of your own to your wanted location nearby and teleport again. You’ll see it works that way. Why do all this? Because you let the engine load the resources/the map/the objects at that location.

Here’s another test: toggle immunity on so you’re invisible, teleport to a plane/chopper you’re supposed to steal and tell me if you see the plane/chopper. I tell you what will happen… once you move around that area, you’ll see that plane/chopper appear from thin air. That’s the engine telling you “hey, player is near this area; time to generate decals”.

Lastly, you can use the drone to navigate distances (by drone movement, engine will load decals). Set a ground marker, Z, then teleport. The drone is also useful when you want to teleport during a camp take down. Alert all enemies (fire in a spot), then, as they come towards you, teleport behind them :slight_smile: Whaaaam!


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i have done that and still getting the loading cheats error


Nothing works. I try starting through wemod directly and it just loads and when the game loads into single player nothing happens. Help.


What does this mean :
This game requires special file patching to use cheats , but we wer unable to patch your game. Please close the game if you have it open. Otherwise,you may be running an unsupported version. Thatswhy I cant load the cheats-Is the Version just incompatible with it or what?


Scroll till this reply; Ctrl+F: [ type in your issue ]; Enter.


Bitdefender is blocking WeMod when I am trying to run the game. I need to replace the EasyAntiCheat_x64.dll manually.

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Thank you for your astute observation.


@SunBeam Hello! Can u help me with this trainer for ghost recong wildlands? Please, I cant get it work. No for steam or ubi. Please help. Best regards.


anyone know any way to have any sort of hack in ghost war pvp? there have been reports of people hacking in ghost war so there definetly is a way.


Find information on that somewhere else.
Wemod does not help in multiplayer cheating in any way.

@Jaan1991 sorry mate but with what you wrote no one is going to help you. You literally said NOTHING that could help us deduct what the problem is


Okay everyone, start the torches and prepare to flame.

First off, no matter what method you use to run the steam version of Wildlands, you have to disable the steam overlay and restart steam.
So far I have had 3 little brothers all install wemod in a variety of user level and admin level accounts of the five family share computers * we each have our own as admin and user accounts on each other’s PC’s, plus daddy’s system).
In ALL cases the steam overlay caused various issues from crash out with no message at game start to the “Uplay PC is not installed on the computer”. In all cases turning off the overlay for steam and Uplay cleared the problems right up.
I do not know why.
But laptop, desktop, windows tablet and a VM windows 10 on a slackware linux host, all work just great once that is done.