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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Cheats and Trainer for Uplay


Man, some people really do not appreciate content creators and providing it free for other people to help them.

I opened up an account for your trainer and really appreciate the great work you are putting in to help players train this game. I shall wait patiently for your next update but till then, keep up the good work!!


Any updates to the trainer in future?


The content is really well made, no question about that, easy to turn on and play. But for me, alot of things do not work, like the 10 million ressources thing, god mode or immunity mode, but also the rebel cooldown thing. Just wanted to know if there’s an update or a fix coming soon.


That’s because the trainer hasn’t yet been updated :slight_smile: This weekend; hold tight!


any time now?



yeah, its the weekend. thats why im asking


Tomorrow is weekend as well. Busy with Odyssey. Cheers!




Finished with Odyssey. Will work on Wildlands sometime today. Stay tuned.


Thanks man!


Just a quick question because I have never actually tested the trainer, is it not working at all or just specific cheat codes?


It should work after sunbeam updates it here shortly


That’s the same question I have. I’ll check in a bit. I have a feeling those bitching about it not working aren’t really doing their due diligence (they either don’t know how to use the trainer or reporting only some features not working by referring to them globally - - “not working” means whole trainer is not working, whereas “this is not working” is specific - - but who gives a damn… being lazy is an attitude over the internet in 2018).


Refer to this post:


I am beginning to get pissed :expressionless: Almost all of the code patterns I look for and use in my trainer’s scripts were found in this version. People, get one fact straight - - if WeMod says you do not have the version of the game the trainer was intended for, well… hit PLAY and Yes anyway - - see if game crashes when you use some option. Only then come back saying EXACTLY what didn’t work.

Most trainers out there use array of bytes pattern to scan for hooking spots. That being said, it’s possible throughout the game updates the patterns not to break. As said above, first try the trainer out, then report if some option doesn’t work.

Will return with status report; what works and what doesn’t.


I can’t even launch the trainer, for the steam version it says a no trainer exists for my version. I find that quite peculiar due to the fact that sometimes the trainer will randomly appear and allow me to use it. When I click on the Uplay tab, no option even exists. My only other option is the origin version and I dont own the game on origin.


Download WeMod again. (or if you still have the installer) Right-click the installer and choose “Run as Administrator”. You might want to do the same with the WeMod executable:

You people need to pay more attention to the world you live in.


So what exactly doesn’t work? Assuming you’ve got the trainer injected through WeMod into the game…

Will update the trainer in a bit, allowing you to edit individual resources on the fly (without tagging). But as far as code goes, there’s no actual changes having occurred in this version.

As far as the game version goes, I’m sorry… my ReadMe.txt in the game’s folder still says 1.16.0 (not 1.18.0, as you’ve expected):

In short, Ubisoft hasn’t updated the version in their readme.txt for this update :expressionless: So 1.16 and 1.18 are both Title Update 16 from this file’s perspective. Also, watch this:


I see no TU18 in here as well:


But then again, I don’t think there’s a TU18 (might’ve seen something on the lines of that somewhere). It’s just a maintenance update of TU16. So the version doesn’t change, as well as the trainer should work. Again… trainer not working and WeMod not working are two different things; if the second, please learn to address it properly.



Update will be released sometime today. Had to push it a bit late due to several issues. Think you’re going to like the resource editor :smiley: