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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Cheats and Trainer for Uplay


for some reason i cannot get this to work on my partners laptop we both use uplay but the game keeps saying eac is missing with the auto patch method provided by wemod… =/


Read up like 4- 5 comments sunbeam helps another person to get it working
Gotta set up the command line in uplay


i did try setting the command line before coming here for help :slight_smile: adding the line resulted in the same “no EAC Found” error that wemod made show aswell during “patching”.

strangely enough, the patching method works fine on my rig and returns no errors… we did load into the game first and made sure it saved before trying to patch…

edit: the game does start without wemod and loads into the missions. only doesn’t start when trying to apply the patch.


My directions said you should add the command line to every client (if you run the Steam/UPlay combo). Else, rename rungame.exe to rungame.exeBAK*, because that’s the EAC launcher checking for the .dll and the MD5 hash. Using the command lines should’ve suppressed the creation of the rungame.exe process… Either way, glad you worked it out.


guys anyone know a way to change the dll for the anticheat
i can`t change it becuse of the READ ONLY :poop:


Make it non read only


I pretty much went through the whole comments section and I can’t stress enough how many times @SunBeam repeatedly said the same instructions over and over again so in the name of all people here old and new I want to thank you very much for taking the time to help us. I do have one question and I apologize if this has been asked and answered before but if I use wemod with GRW can I stay connected online as playing solo campaign but connect to the internet? I’m asking because when I used cheat engine before I never had to do anything besides replacing the DLL file. Thanks in advance.


The read-only issue is Windows related. Usually solved via a reboot. Making sure the file is not in use and that your Steam Library folder isn’t in Program Files or Program Files (x86) Windows protected folders is also something to take into account. Good luck.

As far as being online, just tested it with some user and found that if GRW automatically matches you with other players, it sends you online. When that happens, EAC’s eac_server.dll kicks in, auth is initiated and if you go in a match (even if solo), you get the ‘Kicked by EAC’ message. Nothing me or you can do about it, aside from starting UPlay in offline mode.

Play nice.


@SunBeam @N1ceToMeetYou i did that but it keeps coming back that why i am asking i did solve it by just copying it to another folder then remove the read-only then add the dll and move it back this was a weird solution



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Hey Sun! Thanks for all of the work you do. You’re amazing. Was just curious if there will be an updated version soon?


Yes. Gotta update the teleport script a bit; but have the resourcing part done; no need to tag stuff anymore, as you will be able to edit/update them separately in the interface :stuck_out_tongue:

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wait so how long do you think until the 1.17.0 updated trainer will be out and is there any possibility of one-hit-kill?

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will the no damage for vehicles script be updated as well?


Awesome, man. Thank you so much again.


I really hate being a party pooper and it seems like I am complaining, I have been requesting a option for the game for some time now since it has been a table for Cheat Engine and that was a no bullet drop option. I really do appreciate all the time that Sunbeam is putting into updating this Mod/Trainer, but the resource function the way it was worked just fine, I didn’t think it needed to be updated or changed in any way. But a new option as per my request for a while now I would love to see more.

Sunbeam my sincere apologie if this post by any means offends you, but really would love to see two more options done for the game. And that is a No Bullet Drop option and a One Hit Kill option rather than changing the resource script. I am not rich by any means, but am willing to throw a few extra bucks into getting these two options coded. I am fairly sure there are others out there that would love seeing them as well. I spend a lot of time playing this game solo and find it totally ridiculous how the bullet drop is in this game, I mean come on the bullet drops on most rifles before the first 100m. If there was a way to mod the game it self I would have done it long time ago. I have moded out GTA 5 a lot and still play the game in solo as in the open world game as GRW is there is a lot of things to do other than the missions.

I really wish you guys would have a request new option implemented into your WeMod program. I think there are lots of options that other players would love to see for lots of other games.

Outside of what I have just mentioned above I do appreciate all the work your whole team does and do thank you as well.


dude get a HTI desert max the level and you got yourself a one shoot everything weapon as for the bullet drop it isn`t that hard to get used to it unless you are a COD veteran


is this trainer been detected already or should ya use it in offline game anyways?


WeMod is only meant to be used offline.

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roger that @Chris … i read one of the comments with the intructions but its quite a job to get it work lol or do i see this wrong ghewhehe… thanks in advance.