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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Cheats and Trainer for Uplay


Hey it actually did work this time. Thanks for the reply and the great work :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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thank you

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im really dumb, is there any desription how i have to run the trainer ?

it doesnt work after several tries :frowning:

please help me :smiley:
regards & thx for updating so fast


Thank you for making this trainner @SunBeam I have a question on how to get the max level / tier 1 cheat to work. Am I supposed to do something before activating them? I cant seem to get them to work. (Almost forgot to add that I’m trying to do this is ghost mode version of the campaign).


Yes. Read up top here second or third comment from sunbean tells how to use it


@ptondo yeah thanks

I did that as described in the comment from sunbeam but there is always something that the cheat could not be loaded into the game


Use the manual method; don’t be lazy.


Lol lazy


What I do notice is once you give them a reply, thus satisfy their need to be in the center of your attention, they never come back to say “thanks” or “hey, it worked”. And then there are others bitching we offer poor support; why doesn’t anyone give these “not working; I gotta post without checking first” people as examples to those who think me or others here really ignore them, when in reality we’re fed up with the attitude I just mentioned in the quotes?..

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Thank you for all your work on getting this trainner going. I’m sorry if you explained this before but how do I get the level cheat to work? and does it work with the ghost war mode? I’ve gotten everything else to work thanks to that post you did that explained in detail how to bypass the anti cheat.


Ask yourself this: is Ghost War multi-player-oriented? Yes? Then it won’t work. Why? Because you’ll see a nice message - - > “EAC kicked you in the nuts” :slight_smile: In general, anything MP-wise is not covered by WeMod trainers; if some feature happens to work by any chance, it’s due to shared SP/MP functionality. This has also been explained several times; guess you’re selective with regards to what you’re searching for in this topic, huh? T_T


I wasnt talking about ghost war. I was talking about Ghost mode which is basically campaign but harder. I ended up figuring out the leveling so everything works with the trainner thank you. I’m sorry if there was a miss comunication thinking I was talking about ghost war (the multiplayer mode). Again I was talking about Ghost mode the new campaign mode. Also the reason why I was unsure was because when you boot up ghost mode it reloads the client (as if its not part of the base) but in the end it works. You may want to add that to the description that it works for both normal campaign and ghost mode campaign. You did a hell of a job on this trainer <3

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Glad you like it; guess we got along in the end :wink: Have a nice play!


If you are fed up with them then just block they’re ip and stop them from using wemod and tell them to F word +off ,making trainer ain’t easy and you guys ain’t working on one game i actually get pissed off from reading it as if they are giving you a salary


Trainer not work pls fix. You do bad work if not fix me trainer!
Oh and. Hey bby <3


So i’ve tryed everything i could think of, did manual bypass of eac as described on top, antivirus disabled and still getting message We’re having trouble loading the cheats into your game. but game starts normally and shortcuts work with enable/disable sounds except nothing else happens, dont know what i did wrong or where problem is. looking forward for any helpful replys.

Edit: suddenly it started to work for some reason after about 10th try, not sure if everything works but for now teleport and resources does.

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Can we get uplay support please?


No idea what you mean. Make sure you properly CHOOSE the trainer for your platform. Currently, there are 3 supported: Steam, UPlay and Origin. Learn how WeMod works first, rather than just berserk jumping into it :smiley:


As stated by SunBeam, please select the Uplay option in the trainer menu as seen here

. If there are still issues please let us know :slight_smile:

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