Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction Modded Save Game

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction Modded Save Game


• All Gadgets Unlocked
• All P.E.C Challenges Completed
• All Uniforms Unlocked
• All Weapons Unlocked (Including the SPAS-12)
• Infiltration Game Mode Unlocked
• Maximum Amount of Points

Extra Details

This save game was originally going to be for myself, since a lot of other save games for have certain attachments on weapons that you can’t take off, but I’ve decided to share it with the community here on XboxMB. All of the modding for this save game was done in a hex editor. It’s also pretty hard to find the values for the points and the SPAS-12 weapon, so please don’t take this save game for granted.


Download it here.

it sounds good, i just wish i had splinter cell again

It’s good to see that someone likes the Splinter Cell series, I think that it’s awesome.

lol was it a easy hex edit? thats how i mod my files :smile:

but i never really played splinter cell

Splinter Cell

Splinter cell and hitman have always been great stealth/fun games to play, but only 1 of Bourne so far which lacked alot… if there’s a next hopefully its inbetween splinter cell and hitman.

Does it unlock any achievement’s this save?/ can you still unlock all 1000?

The save game wasn’t easy at all to “edit”, there’s so many values for the save game it’s unbelieveable. If you’ve never played the Splinter Cell series you should really get into it, the games are amazing

I never knew that the Hitman series revolved around stealth, I’ll have to play it sometime. It’s also good to see that another person likes to play stealth games such as Splinter Cell. I’m not sure if this save game unlocks any achievements, I’ve been testing it a lot on “dummy” accounts, but most of them already have achievements that would probably unlock if this save game was used. I’m pretty sure that it’d unlock about one or two achievements, but then again I’m not positive about it.

Played this game for the PC, I liked it a lot. Would consider getting for the 360 and use this :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d get it, it’s one of those games where it’s fun at the start, then it gets boring, but then you realize that there’s a lot more mechanics that you’ve been missing out on the whole time. Let’s just say you learn something new about it every time you play it.

Are any levels complete in this modded save? Or does it start from the beginning?

I am sorry for newbie question - how do I use it?
I tried to transfer saved games of SC:C to a memory stick and got “transfer of this content is not allowed”. Anything, but Splinter Cell: Conviction saves :anguished:

just lent this game to friend, dam

Unfortunately your game progress isn’t saved on your Splinter Cell: Conviction “options” save game, so you’d start from the beginning of the game.

You’ll have to sign into the profile that the save game belongs to to transfer it in between devices, and you can’t copy the save game to another device, you can only move it.

That sucks, hopefully you get it back.

it wont let me use save it says theres already an option on my device ???

Because you need to either overwrite the file already on your HDD/USB or extract it to your computer and keep it there as a backup and then overwrite it with the downloaded file.

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