Tomb Raider (2013) - Max Prestige

This file is for Tomb Raider (2013), and contains the following:

- Maximum Prestige (Third)
- Every attatchment unlocked (Not all bought)
- Every weapon unlocked
- Every perk unlocked
- Every character unlocked
- Every custom loadout slot unlocked
- 258,657 Salvage, enough to purchase plenty of attatchments

Some pictures:

Open Me


Click Here![size=9]

^ Remember to rehash & resign! ^[/size]
Level 59 - 100 Exp off Level 60 for Achievement:Credit toFluxzefor posting his original save!
Click Here!
^ Remember to rehash & resign! ^
Important note:This is the highest possible rank you can achieve online, Tomb Raider has not long been released so use it at your own risk!

Will this unlock the lvl 60 achievement?

Not 100% certain, but I’m pretty sure once you load it up, just play a 5 minute private game of Rescue, recover some medicine and quit. Let me know if it works! :smile:

No achievement :anguished:

Did you back up your original data? If you did then upload it and I’ll add a seperate download at level 59 just 1 exp off 60

pm’d you the save

Updated the original post with a level 59 save and gave you credit. You just need 100 exp to hit level 60, enjoy!

Thank you so much :thumbsup:

It only has 1337 salvage too so you could prestige from level 60 and play through the different prestiges legit :smile:

Does this have the bikini???

If you’re referring to an outfit then no, I wasn’t even aware there was a bikini. Outfits are DLC aren’t they? This just unlocks all the multiplayer characters and weapons etc :smile:

NiCe OnE,good stuff,loaded,Thank’s mate…

Is Tomb Raider a Static save type? i have tested two saves and it seems like it is

So I just rehash and resign and this will stick online?

Yea you can play the campaign with lara in a bikini but its a mod I believe you can also play with no clothes for her. i found how to do it.
[+18] Tomb Raider 2013 Naked/Nude Mod | UPDATED - Uncensored video in description [+Download] - YouTube - Ultra Fast File Host

Yeah I think it is. The offsets always 6D90 for me anyway.

Yup! :thumbsup:

Isn’t this for the PC version though? I’ve looked into the ISO of Tomb Raider for the Xbox 360 and it seems there’s no way to add this to even a JTAG unless there’s a way to open the .tiger files inside the ISO :anguished:

I only wish the second one has like 20000 salvage so we could buy stuff, but hey still awesome!

I will ask my friend waiting for him to get back online he is on xbox will see what he is using.

I didn’t get the unlock all achievement I think it may be because of this:

All the achievements has been completed already

How do I use the save?