Tomb Raider Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I have the game on Steam.

I know the health hasn’t worked in a while , but all the other work perfect for me
Can vote but game is pretty old for dev to update it
Actually just played this and rise of tomb raider after watching the movie lol

why infinite health is not working it shows activated but I still die please help me troubleshoot my issue I have game on steam updated to latest version

Is there an option to vote for an update?

If I remember infinite health never did work from day one. I dont use health but remember it didnt work

nope it is in my compatible trainer list

I can confirm that it does not work with the Steam release. I was playing this game just yesterday. The only cheat I wanted to use was Unlimited Health. Well, out of three attempts, this is what happened: (1) Worked at first, but crashed the game after 20 minutes; (2) suddenly triggered unlimited XP, and I know for a fact that I did not activate Add XP. F1 and F6 are too far apart on the keyboard for me to accidentally press it. (3) Didn’t crash the game, but didn’t work either. I thought it was working, then got hit by a melee attack and instantly died. So I had to go use one of HoG’s trainers.

Hi if you read the comments always was a problem with infinite health cheat

I’m aware of that, ptondo. But here’s the thing, HoG’s trainer does work, despite having been released before STN’s trainer, whereas STN’s trainer has never been updated, as far as I can tell, despite reports that it doesn’t work as advertised. So it’s a proven fact that an “infinite health” trainer for Tomb Raider 2013 can work.

If WeMod wants my money, it’s not too much of a stretch to expect trainers that actually work, especially for a game this old. Obviously, in the case of games still being actively developed like The Long Dark or Frostpunk, sooner or later it’s going to get a content update and the trainer will have to be updated. That’s to be expected. But a game that hasn’t received a patch in 6 years? Yeah, I sort of expect that trainer to work. It shouldn’t be on the “Compatible” list if it doesn’t work. Move it to the “Maybe Compatible” list, since some of the options (but not all of them) apparently do work.

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The health does not seem to work for me anyone else having this problem?
Could it be checked please, or have someone else make a trainer for the game as STN seems to be retired.

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The trainer does not work, i can’t use them

Should be working fine. I just used this like 3 weeks ago and worked fine.
Try and start the game first then alt tab out press play in wemod after game has started
Unless they did something to the free version …

Could you make a cheat to add some Fragments?

Game is way to old to add anything to it. Sorry about that
And what is fragments ?

Ok I can confirm this all worked back in January of this year, but now it does not work. it throws up an error and at least twice triggered my anti-virus.

could the cheats please be updated for some reason unlimited ammo is bugged to where anytime you pick up a weapon part it just flies through the weapon versions and suddenly you have an end game weapon far too early and takes the fun out of it the only weapon not affected is the starting pistol since you only swap it out for roth’s pistol after his death but is still annoying and makes the game feel cheap at that point

Hello all. I understand there have been many complaints regarding some of the cheats on the trainer, especially for unlimited health. I used to have similar difficulties as well until I figured out how to properly launch wemod with the game.
So what you do is:

  1. You prepare Tomb Raider in the wemod program but do not press “play” on it quite yet.
  2. Then load up your game without wemod by clicking on either your desktop shortcut or directory .exe file (example - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tomb Raider\TombRaider.exe).
  3. Load whichever save game or start a new one if you want.
  4. Press “Alt + Tab” without quotes to switch back to wemod.
  5. Now press “play” on wemod.
  6. “Alt + Tab” to go back to the game. Play and enjoy being bullet, sword, explosion, ect proof! In other words invincible! Happy hunting! :smile:
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Steam just did a update and the trainer isn’t working

The Tomb Raider cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Unlimited health is still not working, it will activate but you can still be killed