Tomb Raider: Rise of the Tomb Raider - Unlimited Ammo won't toggle

The cheat was working fine last night, but when I hopped on today, I noticed that it wouldn’t toggle on. Is there a fix to this?

Did the game update ?

@STN if it helps no the game didnt update and i just checked infinity and mine isnt toggling either.

Okay, i’ll check it out

I know it won’t turn on till later after you pick up another gun ,pistol
All Ready has infinite ammo so it keeps shutting off

So if the game gets updated does that mean the trainer won’t work cause I just picked up the bow and with unlimited ammo on I don’t have unlimited arrows.

I really doubt the game is going to have an update its what 2 - 3 years old
Need to use unlimited resources for arrows

Oh ok thank you.I didn’t know need to use unlimited resources for arrows.