Tons of patchs (CoD4, CoD5, CoD5 ISO, Mw2, Mw3)

*Alright so I decided to make my own patch list with CoD4, CoD5, Mw2, and Mw3 patch’s. I do know that there are two of these patch list’s but non of them really had Call of Duty 4 or Call of Duty 5 so I am making my own.

*If you have a patch you would like added, PM it to me and it will be added to the list.

Sticked by Ellie <3

here’s the other patch list’s on XboxMB

All patch’s are hosted by me so if any go down please PM me and i will re-upload <3.

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Cow’s random CoD4 Menu - Download

Smoke’s ( unseen/seen ) R2R Menu - Download

DM BoNeZ’s UnseenSeen Menu - Download

Bind-Menu’s huge R2R Menu - Download

DM BoNeZ’s Premium v3 - Download

CoD4 Infectable Mod Menu v4.0 - Download

Veniim Gaming Infinite v1 - Download

DG’s Ultimate J2R Mod Menu V3 - Download

Cows Cod4 R2R Menu - Download

CoD4 Tree Patch - Download

KurZee Retail To Retail ModMenu - Download

Teh1337’s Infinite Nig Patch v4.5 - Download

slapmodz R2R2 menu edit - Download

VeNiiMxModz infection patchs ( CoD4 ) - Download

Tizlar1337 Call of Duty 4 Infinite Retail to Retail Patch - Download

Dm-Falcons infint mod menu - Download

ExploitingLive v1 - Download

BUSTEDTWINKIE’s And Dimebag Derrell’s GirlsGoneWild V-1 - Download

COD4 Codjumper - Download

Unknown ( crazy **** ) - Download

GodlyM0dz Zombie Patch - Download

Spiderweb Patch (Infectable Mod Menu) - Download

Hyperdox’s SUPER COD4 Patch - Download

IJtagMom’s Infectable Mod Menu - Download

Positive XP - Download

R3cKL3SS aM’s Patch (Release) - Download

DodgeCarsUS - Download

CoD4 Promod - Download

Quiksilver’s Mod Menu - Download

OGMz Easy CoD4 Patch - Download

RonsxD’s CoD4 Infectable Mod Menu - Download

Cheez’s Patch - Download

Supercarman’z - Download

Host only patch - Download

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XboxMB Patchs ( CoD4 ) v1 - Download

XboxMB Patch’s ( CoD4 ) v2 - Download

Open Me

Monster Patch - Download

Disco Zombies NDU - Download

Pink’s Menu <3 ( very nice ) - Download

WaW Stealth Menu Its ZZ9 - Download

WaW Public Menu Its ZZ9 - Download

v4.1 WaW infinity R2R - Download

W@W-PaTch_Mp MoD Menu - Download

Open Me

XboxMB ( WaW Jtag Patch’s ) - Download

Open Me

Motion Flex v1 - Download

Motion Flex v2 - Download

Motion Flex v2.1 - Download

Mikeey’s skybase - Download

Pine Tree Patch ( GT Check ) - Download

Pine Tree Patch ( VeNiiM Edit ) ( GT Check ) - Download

TOXiiCiTY v1 - Download

CoOlBunnYMoDz V3.9a - Download

iBeTreyys v1.5.3 - Download

Mac Miller opening ( Smile back ) ( .BIK file ) - Download

Physics n Flex v2 (Gt Checks) - Download

Physics n Flex v2 (No GT Checks) - Download

Open Me

XboxMB WaW ISO Patch’s - Download

Open Me

Goldy Modz v2 - Download

Goldy Modz v3 - Download

Goldy Modz v4 - Download

Goldy Modz v5 - Download

Quarintine Zombies v2 - Download


GODLYM0DZ hovercraft - download

Poltergeist v3 - Download

Prodigy modz patch - Download

Havoc Undead v6.1 - Download

Havoc undeads patches - Download

Super Jump + Chrome Mode - Download

ZZ9 TU7 Game type infections - Download

Oreo Patch - Download

Kbrizzle Patch - Download

Kbrizzle patch Edit - Download

Kbrizzle Red Menu - Download

Kbrizzle Offline Patch - Download

Kbrizzle Online Patch - Download

Kbrizzle Orgasm v1 - Download

PC freaks Patch - Download

KarkamizeOnCrack v1 - Download

MecaJ DT v8.20 stable edit - Download

Poltergeist v3 - Download

Poltergeist v2 - Download

KarkamizeOnKrack patch - Download

mossy 9.9 edit - Download

Mod Menu + Smart Bots - Download

Mike Myers v1 - Download

Mike Myers v2 - download

Old Zombies - Download

James Tree Patch v4.2 - Download

Mod Baby’s Forge - Download

MeGaModz v1 - download

Jarnibois v7 - Download

Open Me

XboxMB Mw2 - Download

Open Me

Mw3 Super Jump and Cartoon Mode - Download

Mw3 RTC File’s (you will need these(no XeX) - Download

Open Me

XboxMB Mw3 - Download

Open Me

ZZ9 iHaXoRZz TU7 - Download

Very Much Updated Infects By AnthonyxD - Download

Public cheater (with out cartoon mode) - Download

iMCSx Edit DLL - Download

Cheater (with cartoon) - Download

Hidden Data v1 .dll - Download

Tu7 Online 10th XP - Download

Mw2 Recovery + Unlock all .dll - Download\

What you can do :smiley: -

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Mw2 Tu7 files - Download

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Syntax Checker v1.2 - Download

Open Me

ZZ9 Menu Base maker 1.1 - Download

Open Me

FF. Viewer - Download

Also I would like to share My Dvar list for CoD4 if you haven’t already seen it.

Will update more and more every now and then.

If you find any .XeX files please contact me ASAP as far as I know there are non I’ve looked and looked and I could not find any so please if you find one please contact me.


(Click for proof of files)

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Nice list you got there… :smile:

I should update mine with a few more MW2 ones now.

Thanks lol :smiley:

if you have any other good AIW patches (other than mossy) please add them :smiley:

Working on them now

OMG you put them in a psot? finally :wink: nice stuff you got here … <3

<3 there will be more i am uploading as we speak.

Update : Added Mw2 patch’s along with Title update <3

Nice list. Thanks and the Cod4 patches are the latests thanks.

I troll on TTG and other places :smile:

there will be more

lol i troll on ttg and s7 but thanks for these cod4 patch’s.

No problem hope you enjoy them <3

will be adding more later tonight

Going to host some of them patches tonight on my lobbys.

I will man glad i could help out <3

i use over 10 of these almost everyday :smiley: great post … should put No-Sniper sway and Slow-mo/color killfeeds for MW2 in one patch tho! :wink: just saying

Added some Mw3 File’s and added Mw3 folder <3

more Mw2 patch’s are on the way.

Nice post man, very usefull

Nice post this helped me out thanks man!!!< 3:thumbsup:< 3< 3< 3< 3
love you (nh)

Nice list. Thanks and the Cod4 patches are the latests thanks.

<3 no problem man anything to help out