Tons of random things in my Garage!

I am playing GTA V right now, and I noticed something. Both of my garages have random things in them! I walked in to my first one, and I saw a big orange rotating satellite type thing in my garage crushing one of my cars with another car constantly fidgeting, and a small traffic barrier in the corner with blood and body parts surrounding it, then some other little bibs and bobs. It’s the same story in my second garage. I remember hearing about hacks like this. Is there anyway I can fix it? Have any of you guys experienced this before? Also, I just noticed it’s not in there all the time, only sometimes. :interrobang:

Go clear your system cache, highly recommend you don’t play public games until Rockstar patches the way people do this

Just in case you didn’t know, you’re not the only one experiencing these types of problems; I visit the r/GrandTheftAutoV page on a daily basis to see what kind of stuff is going around GTA:V and this problem has been all over the Reddit page for a few days now. Anyways, I’m unsure what one could do to stop these problems from occurring, but I’d like to imagine playing in an “invite-only” session would do the trick, but than again I could be wrong since I’ve seen YouTuber’s like KYR SP33DY playing around with this “glitch” and they seem to only participate in “invite only” sessions.

In the end, I’d just try to ignore it and wait for Rockstar to fix it like they have with a lot of other problems; just call your vehicles rather than physically get them. (excluding money glitches and such that they’ve been battling with since GTA: Online’s release)

Thanks for the help! I was talking to my friend a second ago ; and he said that he, all of the pedestrians, and the cars just fell through the ground. It even did it in Story Mode too! Weird what hacks can do, huh?