Too many features locked behind pro

I really like this app, but i do not have the means to buy the pro subscription service. So using free is a pretty bad experience, because most things are locked away such as: switching the cheats on and off without a keybind and saving cheats so you don’t have to hassle with pressing keys. I really hope you can just add the switch function to non-premium it kind-of feels like a slimy practice to lock basic features behind a subscription service instead of just making it a one off purchase for 30$-60$ for a good app.

Welcome to the community.

The ease of access controls (plus other benefits) are a premium benefit to say thank you to those who contribute to WeMod’s costs of development and maintenance. Which is not cheap in the slightest.

Despite having more trainers and more trainer developers than its top rivals in the industry, WeMod is actually still the cheapest well-known trainer provider.

One-time payments do not work from a business perspective. This would kill WeMod. Here’s a quote of one of my previous posts: