Tool for NBA 2k18

Guys please, can you make it? Or did you forgot about horizon?

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Xbox 360 is dead

For some people it’s not

Good point. They should ditch both Infinity and Horizon and make an editor for Nintendo 64.

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Not every single person can afford a good gaming pc or current gen consoles, so is this too much to ask for?

@sNaKe. Wtf i thot i heard they where woking on PS2. Dammit

It makes more sense to focus on the most popular platform and not a platform that isn’t even profitable to port games to.

What a nice and sarcastic community we have here

We are not being sarcastic 360 is dead no new games , no new nothing , have to move on. Sorry

Xbox 360 has been EOL for many years and is no longer supported by any major developer. There is always a chance that unknown will make an editor but the chance is low.