Total Miner: Forge Save Editor


Well I recently downloaded this game and well to be honest its okay but really boring. I didn’t like it one bit! So in other words dead awful.

Here’s a tool:




Note: I’m taking a break from making save editors or any tools at all. Until I have a better project or something worth doing.

Thanks but not worth it only because total miner is so crappy and slow.

Agreed. I disliked the game so much that I rage quit against myself. O___o

I’m going to wait till a new game comes out and then make a editor for it.

The real minecraft will come out sooner or later that way we don’t have to play these garbage imitations.

i was pissed after buying that game lol

You should be. The game was alright but very boring. When Minecraft comes out for the 360, its going to be a whole new story.

I like Total Miner more than FortressCraft, but I don’t think I’ll be wasting my money on any more minecraft clones. I just want a damn release date for the 360 version of Minecraft.

Didn’t someone already make a gold editor?

Who knows? If someone did then they did, its not going to stop me from making my own save editors.

does anyone know where i can find a walkthough on how to use this? i tried many times opening different files (File/Dat) associated with Total Miner, and none of the gold counts i get once the file opens add up. i already corrupted my original save about 5 times, luckily i have backups. any help is greatly appreciated, thanks :smile: