Total Miner | World | 999,999 Gold

Fresh save with 999,999 gold.

1. Inject into your Total Miner: Forge Data
2. Rehash and resign the whole package
3. Put back into your device, and enjoy.
Note* If it doesn't work, Rename my save to yours, and then replace it in the forge data.



Cool, thanks.

Damn you!!! I haz no microsoft points. I will definitely use this when I get the game.

Just go into creative mode and there unlimited everything and no clip

This is for people who want to play Dig deep.

thanks bro

Will use this, thanks bro!


Will use this later when I get on. Thanks.

What’s Total Miner?

In a nutshell, Minecraft on Xbox, and costs less than the current computer version.

i still can’t get this to work :confused:

Maybe I’ll play this game now.