Total War: SHOGUN 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

for some reason the unlimited movement doesn’t work with agent anymore pls fix it

can you update the unlited movement doesn’t work with agent anymore also some time army doesn’t work too pls update sir

Please bring back unlimited health, as this easy win battles isnt working on my side, tried everything.


Bring back unlimited health. The easy win battle takes all the fun out of the game


Unlock skill tree bitte

weird, foreign veterans, shinobi’s and such dont have infinite walking range anymore.

the set troop size didn’t work for me it work on enemy

same problem

damn, want to play again but mod is broken


The set troop size and easy battle options only work for the enemy in seige battles. All player units have one guy, while the opposing units have the set number, making even the easiest battles impossible. Please bring back the unlimited heath option.

I don’t think they will return it.