Total War: SHOGUN 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Hello, all mods are working perfectly fine but there’s this 1 problem. Set Troop Size mod is also affecting my enemy. what should i do so that it only affects me and not my enemies?

same problem all people here

You wish uh? You can’t. It’s a useless cheat.

The only way is to use an old trainer but that doesn’t work either.

why does the trainer keep reducing my armies to 1 soldier/cavalryman/artilleryman per unit from base 100 or whatever the full count is?

this game is difficult to play until your trainer stops stealing my men, please fix this

i know these mod dev’s hate us but has anyone found out how to disable the unit size mod, suddenly having 1 guy in every unit isnt what we wanted


nope nobody

this is disastrous

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unit movement for agents and ships are still limited, pls add infinity movement one them. Plus bring back god mode and talent points for agents.

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Unfortunately I have to join in here,
Troops are reduced to 1, opponents get up to 500 and sometimes you self loses all troops after the fight,

God Mode would really almost be better here if that were possible.

Movement only applies to generals.

God mode make the game easy, imagine using trainer for making game easy. No, you fight with the 1 troop and enjoy as trainer is intended to make game difficult not easy.

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lol exactly