Total War: SHOGUN 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

army size cheat is broken definitely but whyyyyyy is not fixed

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im testing the cheat again and The developer is an inept and useless idiot, how come he came to me with a fort and out of nowhere takes away 500 troops from me and gives the AI 500 troops and also takes away my ability to properly manage my troops this is very horribly developed this trainer to consider it a trainer no benefit


Please remove Set troop size it would be good if you had a choice whether to use it or not and if it didnt work for the ai.

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clearly he wanted the game to be as difficult as possible

Good news, the cheat is being updated, so there is a chance they will remove and fix things including removing the set troop size and adding back unlimited health maybe

The Total War: SHOGUN 2 cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

“improvements”…yeah…WTF IS THIS

Nothing works, my game just crashes, I removed all my mods and verified my game files, I definitely have good enough specs for this game, RTX 4070, i910900k, etc.

now the game is boring and those “improvements” Nothing changes is the same trash

no luck with that… they don’t care about the TW franchise anymore bro sucks…

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well that maybe is true :pensive:

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What “bugs” got fixed? what “improvements” were made?

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A improvement would be removing troop size it is utterly useless

你好作者!能增加无限生命选项吗?设置部队规模全体生效 可以改成单独一个单位生效吗?

It was already in there a while before it was removed, and then the game got harder because of the set troop size which began to steal your armies from you and giving them to the enemy.

Yes, but now it no longer gives troops to the enemy, but it does leave the enemy with 1 troop size and the user with the size they chose, which makes it boring.

edit: I found it, it turns out that the Easy Win Battles cheat makes enemies 1 unit in size but I still find it very boring to play without the infinite life cheat.

Another trash useless update.

yeap well I hope the developer will be smart and remove the size troops and put back unlimited health…i hope

I understand that the old unlimited health cheat made the game crash many times, and it was very annoying, but I’m sure that if they put a little bit more effort, it would be possible to make an unlimited health cheat that works (including navy, and the DLCs). I simply don’t believe that it’s impossible, it’s programming, not magic. They just don’t have enough time or will (or maybe even skill) to do it, which is a huge shame for such an important and popular series like Total War.

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wait the unlimited health cheat made the game crash?