Total War: SHOGUN 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Of course, why would they remove it otherwise? It didn’t happen always, only in certain cases (I don’t remember the details). And if you notice, many other Total War games don’t have the unlimited health cheat for the same problem. They say it’s impossible to fix (maybe because of a new anticheat?). I don’t believe them.

I remember this happening to me, but not so much once or twice a game, but overall everything was fine… until they took it away and put in this troop size system and this Easy Win Battles system that doesn’t specify what it does .

Says it wont work with current game version. Was working fine until recent update. Any suggestions for a fix?


Does anyone know how I can play an older version of the trainer? I tried it a few days ago and it won’t let me play the 3-year-old version.

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You can select the date from the History tab. Heads up, there is no guarantee that the old trainer will work with the latest game version.

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the army size cheat is honestly one of the most useless and broken cheats i have ever seen


and bored and and destroy what makes the game epic and it does not have unlimited health and It is of absolutely no use, it is more useless than it seems, so much so that it has little or no use in the game besides making it boring.

With unlimited health you could have some really epic “last stands” even though you know your token force will win


well yes but they removed it and now there is little or nothing epic

returns unlimited health cheat :angry:

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honestly at this point i would take a empty enemies ammo mod because the game (I think) has it so where the player and ai share the health so if you make a mod for increased health it will effect the enemies as well but i could be wrong.

Please bring back Unli health PLEASSSSSEEEEEE

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Will God Mode be finally introduced? and if not, will previous versions of mods work with the current version of the game?

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Well I just tested it with older versions and they don’t work so the only option is to wait for a miracle to happen.

Bring back God Mode please.

I have faith that they will realize the bad decision they made when removing God Mode and will put it back on.

Without unlimited health there is no reason to play battles, only auto resolve them.

or just leave the game, since the battles were fun before they removed God Mode and put in the set troops system

Fair Point

It’s not about “bad decisions”, the problem is that they simply removed Infinite Health because it didn’t work. It made the game crash most of the times, that’s why they removed it. So what we should ask is not to simply bring it back, but to FIX it first, and then bring it back. I’m 99% sure that they could fix it if they put some effort and time into it, but they probably simply don’t care enough about Shogun 2 (and other old Total War games). Either that, or they literally don’t have the capabilities to do so. If that’s the case, well, it’s sad that some people pay for this…