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Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The Total War: THREE KINGDOMS cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

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Infinite Arrows and Replenish Troops doesn’t work?

Not too sure if it’s because of the eight prince dlc

Infinite arrows doesn’t work with mixed units like Hidden Axes

1.3 version is out, the mods no longer works, crashes everytime i turns it on.

this trainer crash my game directly. can you do something?

Thanks for your post! I just tested this trainer and it is functioning normally. Please make sure you’re on the latest retail copy of the game and selecting the MAF trainer that’s compatible

Does “instant reforms” affect player only, or AI as well?

Infinite movement stops for a turn after taking over or conquering a city.

every time I turn the cheats on the game just stopped working, any idea on how to fix this?

Please make sure you’re not running any mods in conjunction to the trainer :slightly_smiling_face:

Just tested this trainer and didn’t have any issues crashing

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thanks for that & appreciate the help, now that i took the mods off the game freeze and stop responding. :sweat_smile:

hi mate,
I am having the same issue still I have no other mods running everytime I use the trainer, my game crashes and I am forced to restart, pls help

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Hello Im not sure but the god mode dosent seem to be working. first battle I gues did work but the next 1 my units started dyeing. I dont know if my mods cousing this issue or am I using it wrong. God mode x spectator mode-AI control is fun to watch for me.

Hi not sure if I understand your question
Are you using other mods?
If so they will and do effect when the trainer is activated.
Couple comment up other guy had same problem
I would recommend not using other mods with the trainer

I use mods on total war warhammer 2 and I have no issue with the trainer. However when I use similar conbination of mods on total war three kingdoms they just dosent seem to work. I only need god mode to enjoy but without these mods the game is just no fun.
I played total war three kindoms with mods on just an player AI mod, leaders cant dye from old age and a couple of retexture packs these shoudnt have any issues with trainer and yet.
First time I used god mode it seemed to be working and yet when I used it again it didint work. My units just dyed with god mode on.
I dont know maybe I dont know how to use godmode or the trainer has some issues and I would like to creator of the trainer to check it out.

Its sad how STN decided to abandon hes trainers.

Mods can affect different games different and could’ve been made differently as well. Try the trainer without any mods enabled for best compatibility. Also STN did not abandon his trainers, he is no longer with Team WeMod and isn’t required to update them any more :slightly_smiling_face:

I cant play without that mod

When I activate the unlimited food cheat I get a huge amount of food so far so good but the game still seems to think I have no food and I get the -20 public order penalty (I know there is a function in the trainer xD) it still bugs me though

the game just got updated to 1.4, most of the options r not working, will the trainer get any update soon?