Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Game: Total War: THREE KINDOMS
Problem: WARN [trainer] Failed to assemble.

Apparently in my case, all units worked fine at first with unlimited arrows but gradually the arrows depleted as if the cheats were turned off by itself :(, hope it gets an update soon on it along with Unlimited Loyalty and Unlimited Stamina

I hope this cheat will update, im gonna buy the game

This cheat needs an update it’s been over a year, unfortunately not a lot of “Notify me” enough to put this game in Queue so we can “boost” for moderator to take a look at. After you get the dlcs for the game on steam, these cheats will not work; Unlimited Public Order, Super Cities, Instant Skill Cooldown, Max Exp(it’s on and off but for most cases it works only after a dozen turns), Unlimited Arrows(after the enemy surrendered in battle, it’s turned off, and Unlimited Skill Points. Don’t buy Pro just to use this cheat, these are some of the key feature cheats and they don’t even work. lmao.

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need an update! i cant use any cheat

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Update please