Total War: WARHAMMER Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Those particular games were screwed. You would pretty much have to wait for the army to replenish for 20 turns and not be attacked so I ended up quitting those games losing all progress. Now the only thing I use the trainer for is the money. Start a game, give my faction 300k, save, exit, close the trainer as the money cheat seems to be the only one that consistently works for me anyway and then go back into the game without the trainer but at least money is good.


I’ve just started using this app but I cant seem to make my troops god mode in any way. I tried to click on the unit and the icons.

You have to click on them while fighting. If it still doesn’t work it may be because of the update that just came out.

@STN I saw that your to do list is nearly empty so I’ll give you a little bit of work :stuck_out_tongue:
Bretonnia just came out and introduced Chivalry. Would be nice to see a cheat for it. It would be good if every toggle is an increase of 100 and put in the trainer notes that increasing it too much will trigger the final event to beat the game. Before everyone comes complaing "I used the cheat and now 20 stacks are standing at my capital buhu infinity sucks"
You’ll do that for me right? <3

Yeah… still can’t make it work. I tried selecting and activating while in deployment, before engaging and while fighting to no effect. It might be the patch. Does it work for anyone else?

I need help! “Cant download cheats, check you internet connection or anti-virus/firewall, error code 0”. I’ve dissabled them both but still the same error and my internet is fine. Can someone help me plz?

Use this to clear your cache and try again:

Was that for me or for someone else? Sry im new here.

It was a direct reply to you

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It dosen’t work. I downloaded Infinity for the first time ever today. It starts the game but still Error Code 0 is active :frowning:

Attach infnity after the game launched
so basically:
Start the game
load a save
start infinity

Thank you for taking the time to answer me…haha i suck at this. So I tried to start the game via Steam, then loaded a save then started infinity. Dident work, same problem. I can start the game from Infinity just not the cheats…

Could be because of the servers being offline.

the cheats for total war warhammer dont always stay activated and sometimes dont seem to work am i doing somthing wrong

This is a trainer related issue so you should be posting in the official trainer topic Total War: WARHAMMER Cheats and Trainer

The game had a huge update last night. I need to update it. Can you tell me which cheats aren’t working?

@N1ceToMeetYou I can try but i have no clue what chivalry is yet

Invincibility doesn’t seem to be working for me, even after I click on all the portraits

The cheat for unlimited movement seems to have stopped working for me. Might it be the newest patch?
I tried giving myself gold, and that worked.

Unlimited movement, XP and skill points are broken for me. I don’t really use much else apart from those.

Started using for the first time today. Tried to use Skill Points, Unlimited Health, and Money cheats, but none seem to do anything. Movement worked for me.

For me no cheat is working anymore. I tried to run as administrator and stopped my anti virus, didnt work.