Tower Ghost For Destiny

I discovered this app a week ago thanks to a very close friend sharing it with me and I freaking love it. If you’re the kind of Guardian that’s plays for hours at a time this is a useful app and the best part about it is, It’s compatible with all major mobile operating systems & even has a google chrome extension app. The app is called Tower Ghost and it’s main function is the ease of use when transferring items & gear from character to character or vault. It has many other cool features but my favorite addition is custom set ups, You can create different load outs for different situations depending on your preference.


  • Loadouts sync across all devices (using the new official domain name
  • Multiple primaries, special, heavy per loadout
  • Option to equip an item per bucket in your loadout
  • Equipping items & transferring items across characters
  • Filter by Perk Name, Description, Gun Name
  • Filter by gun progress (Maxed (gold border), Full XP, Missing XP)
  • Filter by burn (Kinetic, Arc, Solar, Void)
  • Filter by weapon type (Scout, Auto, Hand Cannon, etc…)
  • Filter by Tier (Exotic, Legendary, Rare, etc…)
  • Auto Refresh Toggle, Custom set seconds
  • Enable/Disable the DestinyDB tooltips and they display personal perks, burns, stats attached to your weapon and armor
  • Destiny Exotics integration find out what you’re missing and share your url with friends
  • Inline stat values on the item icons
  • Filter by Weapons, Armor or General items
  • Supports dual-linked accounts to Xbox and Playstation

Download / Install:

Destiny Item Manager is another alternative:

I don’t think it is for mobile but it’s the best one for PC.

Firefox users: Tower Ghost for Destiny

*There have been reports from people not seeing the icon after installing, not sure when it’ll be fixed.

Would be usable if you could view item stats. For instance I’m trying to make a loadout but can’t tell two separate raid gloves apart

Ha one of my dudes used that and after putting him onto destiny ghosts he never went back to D.I.M. Give tower ghosts a shot man and if it’s not the best destiny gear app you have used I’d be surprised.