Trade your Gears of War: Judgment codes here!

If you have any codes you would like to giveaway or trade please post here. There is no trading for cash, virtual currency, real world or virtual items. If you are caught doing so disciplinary actions will be taken up with the staff.

Note: Trading any Beta codes is not allowed here.

Do not PM staff! They don’t want to hear if the codes don’t work.

Do NOT ask to trade for anything else and do NOT ask for free codes.

I currently have the following codes: Jungle Tai, Young Marcus, Hammerburst, (Aftermath) Baird, Lambent weapon skins.

Looking for: Paintball weapon skin, Cobweb weapon skin, Young Dom, Alex Brand.

Have fun, feel free to PM me at anytime.

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Anyone have the brisk skin pack?

I have 3 Jungle Tai’s and a 4 Emergence Baird to trade…

Want in order of wanting:
1.Big game
3.any pre order character but Alex Brand

email me for trades:

I have an extra Baird skin to trade for either paintball weapon skin or cobweb.

email for trade:

Have- Jungle Tai
Emergence Era Baird
Alex Brand (when game is released)
Savage Kantus (GoW3)

Looking for (in order of wanting)- Cobweb skin pack
Paintball skin pack
Aftermath Baird
Brisk skin pack

Wow just got burned for one of my Brisk codes…Glad I have more…

His email goes by:

What comes around goes around fella’s…and it’s coming…

i got afermanth day baird! trading for jungle tai please pm me:*


Just got Paintball (yeah baby)
Still have 3 Tai’s to trade and 1 Emergence Baird
Cobweb is coming out free :Xbox ‏@Xbox
Watch the GOW:Judgment (M) launch trailer! Help us get 100k views by 3/15 & get a free Window Web weapon skin! @Xbox

Official Gears of War: Judgment Launch Trailer - YouTube
100,000 likes and it’s free

I need Alex and Brisk skin pack, I have a ghost recon online assasins creed pack if anyone is interested in that.

I got a Tai I’ll trade ya…

pm sent…

If you guys need a MM to help with the trade than, feel free to contact me as I am probably very trusted on the site, thanks and have fun!

Note: Thanks Chris for the sticky!

Edit: Nevermind friend redeemed the code for himself, decided hes gunna get the game after all :anguished:

I now have 4 E Baird codes and 3 Jungle Tai’s to trade…

Would like to have Big Game, Lambent and maybe some of the characters…

I’d really like to grab a few of the US codes.

I’d prefer not to discuss what I would trade but message me (stuff is in my signature)

And I’m sure we can reach an agreement.

Edit: Don’t mini-mod Hero. I’m not following the format of your thread. I don’t need too. And way to edit your post.

Also I got a message from someone so I’m sorted.

It would be best if you stick to the format that I had provided. So, I hope you can edit your post, and let members know what you have to trade but, you dont have to.

Also, my friend gave me an extra Paintball skin, I would like to trade that for a Cobweb.

Note: Feel free to contact me if you’re unsure about a trade you are about to do, I could give some guidance.


There is no trading for cash, virtual currency, real world or virtual items. If you are caught doing so disciplinary actions will be taken up with the staff.

I have an extra Tai Jungle code. Looking to trade for any of the following:

  • Brisk Skin Pack
  • Paintball
  • Cobwebb

pls send me a pm. thank you for looking

How do you guys get these codes?!?!