Trainer doesn't work in some games

there are some games that the trainer does not work, and you could put something in the program that warned you that the trainer is not working, so you could be warned that that trainer is not working. Some games not working:

COD: Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 4, Darksiders 3, Star Wars: Empire At War, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, and more.

But thanks for the others that works.

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NOTE: I don’t know english

Hey, any trainer that is outdated due to a recent game update would be given a ‘Request Update’ button to signify that the game or trainer may crash or cause unexpected problems while using the trainer and allows users to vote for said update. Here’s a snapshot of the button:

In general, bugs or compatibility issues are reported in the trainer’s respective topic or thread. If you are experiencing problems with multiple games that others don’t seem to be having issues with, I would first disable your antivirus if you have any or delete any mods that are installed.

If you are still having issues with certain trainers then posting it in the trainer’s topic/thread would be most effective.

Let me know!