Trainer for minecraft?

could a trainer for minecraft be a thing ? some hacks might incloode

Ghost<----- phaze through blocks like you can in spectate mode
Invisability<----way to do this is to force add a potion effect to player
force kick <— kick anyone of a server or make there client crash(although could b and probally will be over used so limit it somehow…)
Speedhack with slider
Force tp to player or to coordinates

also…a WeMod Cape thats compatible through optifine maybie ? <---- could be for diamonds and donaters only.


Just download a modded client. Some servers are still using older versions.

yeah but there in game clients. i like trainers better as you only have to click a button instead of clicking multiple tabs in game to be able to fly i just find trainers to be more convenient :slightly_smiling:

This is definitley not suppored by infinity.

Once Microsoft releases a native version of the game it’ll be easier for us to hack. Right now we would have to hook into the JVM runtime engine to do anything fun, which is not fun.

Our current infrastructure supports it, but we’d have to write all the Java specific stuff.

The features you requested are for multiplayer mode and we don’t support that. Sorry