Trainer trouble never seen before

Good day everyone
I am new to forum and also trainer, i would like to ask for help from anyone because i have very strange trouble that i tried to use trainers for New Colossus, it is not work no matter what; after that i tried Fling trainer then i get this:

“Trainer and game process mismatch, this is a 64 bit trainer which targets 64 bit game process, the detected game process is 32 bit process, please exit the game and run the 64 bit version of the game instead”.

How come is that when game only have one 64 bit version and my laptop is 8.1 64bit, game run fine but not trainer. Could you please help me how to fix this? Thank you so much and i am looking forward to seeing reply from you soon

Manually launch the 64 bit exe.

Could you tell me more specific? Wat does it mean of 64bit exe? There is only one file and everything is 64 bit. Thank you so much

It has a 32 and 64 bit exe.

Well, there is only one 64bit exe and none 32bit, that’s why i am so confused especially when New Colossus does not support 32 bit

Can you screenshot the error?

Yes it does. Did you purchase the game through steam?

Yes i have bit how can i post it? Thank you

I am using Codex version, wat happen? I mean i am not using Infinity, but Fling trainer from 3DM

I guess you’ll have to ask them about their own trainer
Trainers here are for steam version usually

Thing is if i try on another pc/lap then work fine hardware, software almost the same

We don’t support cracked versions of games and if you are using someone else trainer you have to ask them not us.

This is why i asked for a screenshot because infinity doesn’t give that kind of error.

You’re a funny guy asking for help with someone else’s trainer :rofl:

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Thank you for your help, just don’t know where to go hehehe

Next time we will have to ask the question next " Are you even using infinity " ???

To wherever you downloaded the trainer from.

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I suggest using infinity, i heard it worked far better and the support is so amazing they even provide help with other’s trainers! :scream:

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