Trainers for other Kingdom Hearts titles?

Will there be trainers for titles such as Chain of Memories, Birth by Sleep, Dream Drop Distance? They’ve been installed via the bundles and I think the people would really enjoy the trainers for them.


Trainers are made if there is enough interest from the community in them.

  • When WeMod detects that enough WeModders have the game installed on their PCs, it will automatically be added to the WeMod library.
  • Then those who want a trainer will need to follow the game by clicking “notify me” on the trainer page. When enough people do this, it will be listed in the queue.
  • Pro users have the option to boost the game further up the queue if they wish, using their premium currency, boosts.

More info on how trainers get made: Game Queue - WeMod Support


What I meant was, the titles I mentioned came bundled with the main KH titles, so I was curious if we’ll be getting trainers for both those and the mainline games

Same. Since the games are bundled up together, kind of thought they would each get their separate trainers. I guess maybe give it a few months?

Since the games install as a bundle, anyone who has KH and KH2 would also have installed Chain of Memories and Birth by Sleep. Searching them in WeMod does not bring up anything though, so I don’t even have the option to throw my boosts at them. Legitimately, mods are probably the only reason I would replay Chain of Memories, that card system is a nightmare.

Yeah, i have been waiting for trainers for Chains of Memories, Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop DIstance.

they are available on fling website :smiley: