Transfer live account to another profile?

Is there a way to transfer your xbox live account from one profile to another?

I don’t understand what you mean, do you mean the Membership or like merging 2 accounts?

ok, my dude, sorry, I had a live account under a profile, but it got reset, ut I thought it was banned, so I started a new profile, and then I bought a month suscription for the new profile. Then I learned that I can fix my other profile. I just did, got my gamerscore and my Reach rank back. I was hoping that I could transfer theaccount or xbox live to my old profile. but if I can merge the two that would be great.

Not possible, I wish it was though.


righto thanks dude, guess imma have to buy another month script for my old profile and just delete the new account

Not possible, I think it works with microsoft points though but you need 3 email accounts.

Thanks, Uzi