Transport Fever

Hi could you guys please ad to the Infinity wemod Transport Fever

Why not! Request it here

Ok thanks and sorry for posting at wrong place, im new to the community

Crap sorry, should have been

Transport Fever! no train. I threw in 4k points for you :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think the OP wants a cheat for this Game, Transport Fever ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is Train Fever the same game, or different ? Ah, never mind, you figured it out.

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Ah ■■■■ i just spend 1.4k on the wrong game that you post it bollocks :frowning:

Damn !

@STN, @Chris, @Zach, @frank, or @staff, can you undo the OP’s WeMod points, which he/she just spent ?

I went on the first Link the “Train Fever” and i wanna spend on the second link “Transport Fever” can i have those points back or no.

I can’t help you with this.

I have tagged all the Forum Admins/STAFF/Moderators above, so only they can help you out with this issue (assuming this can be reverted).


I spent 4k points for him on the game he wants after i realized my mistake.

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No need and thanks for the support.

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