Trials Evolution - GPD Editor v3.0.0.0 * Riders of Doom Update *

Trials Evolution - GPD Editor v3.0.0.0

How to use:

  1. Extract your profile.
  2. Open profile with Horizon and extract the Trials Evolution GPD (58410AAD).
  3. Open the GPD with this editor and edit what you want.
  4. If you done save it and replace the GPD in your profile with the modded one.
  5. Don’t forget to Rehash & Resign your profile.

Trials Evolution - GPD Editor v3.0.0.0

Don’t forget to say thanks. :wink:

Virus Scan?

You’ll get more downloads if you post one.

I just derped. I post on your other thread completely oblivious that this thread existed.

Well if someone wants to download and do a scan that would be nice.

It’s clean I scanned it. It has 0/42 virus total.

Microsoft will be taking this down soon. They did with my old thread with golds editor for trials evolution. Cheater192 messages me a week later and said he had to take it down cause ms complained.

But what’s weird is this is the only site that has to comply and take down editors and stuff on request, they don’t bother us at XPG or 360haven. Why is this?

Guess everyone could do with a more trusted scan from me…

Although to note its with AVG :expressionless:

Also, none of the buttons show, unless you have to open the file first… or its fake…


Sorry that I have no virus check. But I noticed that is down and I don’t know any other site yet.

It would nice, if anyone could write a alternate. Thanks in advance.

Works perfect thanks philly

I can see a ban wave coming for this game…the new Doritos crash course

Why? All stats you can edit are for SinglePlayer mode and the game saves only medals, times, faults to the leaderboard if you play a track while you signed on Live.

Won’t let me reinject, getting an error.

So new version is uploaded.
Now you can mod your squirrels with it.

Have fun

Thanks Legit ! Good Job :smile::thumbsup:

Loving the new garage editor.
Can’t wait for more of it to come.

1 question though.
What is meant by the game options menu i dont get what you will add to that.

I’ve no time at the moment so i come back to the editor later.

In the Game Options tab are only the Music Volume, SFX Volume and Vibration.
So nothing importants things you can see. :laughing:

But i will see that you can mod in the next version your bike parts and the item unlocker.

They are starting to ask haven to take it down… Seph (haven admin) got a message requesting to take the thread down

I’ve noticed that here isn’t uploaded the new version. I did catch up on it already.

Who cares? For me it’s no Infringment of the copyright. :laughing:

I know but just answering someones question re guarding that Microsoft doesn’t only tell the staff/dev of XboxMB to stop/take down some of the programs… nice work btw