Trials Evolution - I mod it for you (Medals, Stats, Money)

Hey guys!

I’m currently working on an Trials Evolution editor, but it still takes a while.
If you want I can mod it for you.

Here the things I can mod:

  • Medals
  • Current Money
  • All stats

Time and Faults I can’t mod because its saved on server.

Then send me your Trials Evolution GPD and say me your wishes-


Why not just make an editor? That’d be a lot easier.

He said he was working on one.

EDIT: I posted a newer GPD.

Here you go: 58410AAD.gpd9

All platin, except extreme tracks.

Have fun :wink:

EDIT: I posted a newer one.

what do you mean by stats?

Career Money Earned
Money Spent
Total Time Played
Time Played Online
Public Online Wins
Checkpoint Restarts
Times Rider Died
Times Game Started
Total Track Starts
Distance Driven
Public Online Matches

I got an error last time. You made all tracks platinum but I haven’t finished the game so maybe that’s was the problem. I finished the game now GPD:[URL=“”]

Platinum ALL events and tracks and mod my online winnings to 4 (I already got one). Note: When you mod my medals, If you can leave one extreme tracks un-modded it would be awesome (Leave me the second one un-modded).


hmm … maybe I forgot to mod the game progress last time.

I have just modded your GPD.
Now you have all platin medals, except the track ‘Out of the Pit’ and 4 online wins.



How are you modding it, hex? Can you tell me please, so I can do it,(just tell me what you use, you don’t have to tell me the method) :smiley: please tell, I would like to know.

Career Money Earned - about 40k away from max
Money Spent - 0
Total Time Played - 2 days away from max
Time Played Online - 3 days away from max
Public Online Wins - 2000 away from max
Checkpoint Restarts - 10
Times Rider Died - 69
Times Game Started - max
Total Track Starts max
Distance Driven - 1 million away from max
Public Online Matches - 2000 away from max

if you could do that and give me all platinum medals, 100% career finished, 40k away from max money then id be greatful



Here you go: 58410AAD.gpd100

@TxC x Eclipse:
I currently make an editor. You can make it then yourself.

thanks it worked perfectly!

any chance of editing MP rank or do nahh?

Any ETA on your editor?

So thanks to you I got all the achievements I wanted. This is my last request as that would be my permanent one.
GPD: 58410AAD.gpd

Make ALL tracks Platinum (Including ‘Out of the Pit’) - Single Player Completed = %100
Also make this stats:
Current Money - $329,733
Career Money Earned - $631,445
Money Spent - $301,712
Total Time Played - 1d 11 hours
Time Played Online - 12min
Public Online Wins - 6
Checkpoint Restarts - 6293
Times Rider Died - 435
Times Game Started - 38
Total Track Starts - 9283
Distance Driven - 728,2km
Public Online Matches - 11

I’ made all what you want.
But I’m not sure about ‘Distance Driven’ because I don’t know the exact calculating. I work at this.
So its could be a random value. :laughing:

Anyway here its your link: 58410AAD.gpd666

THANKS!!! You are just ****ing awesome!!!
I love you man, If you ever need anything just tell me I owe you for this!


Max amount, including all platinum and gold.
(I don’t know what the max is.)


69,690,690, please


Good stats but make them look legit please.
(1 request for stats is: "Times Rider Died: 1337) :smiley:

My save/ GPD:


Here you go: 58410AAD.gpd1234

All platin and your rider died 1337 times.

I’ve mod your online matches to 4, then you have to win only a game to get the achievement.

Have fun