Trials HD Game Mod Tool

Game Title: Trials HD

Game ID: 5841095A

Mods Wanted: A possible time modification, or a medal mods, to change Bronze to Sliver and Silver to Gold, etc…

Save Game: No Savegame, Located in the users profile.

Additional Comments: To get certain medals you need to get a certain time, and have a certain amount of deaths or lower, to get certain medal.

Thanks !

Edit : If you want, I can make a new profile with only Trials HD played.

Sounds good i would use it

i wouldnt thats begging for a perm ban

Please, if there’s one game that Horizon not touch – let it be Trials HD. The leaderboards make that game. Take a look at Super Meat Boy’s leaderboards, and they’ve been ****ed. Trials is too good to be ****ed over like that.

I wouldn’t make my time the best in the world, just make it so I have Platinum, on most levels, and a time corresponding with Platinum.

**** YOU!

Really, have to type that sh*t ?
If you don’t like it, don’t comment or use the tool if one is made, simple.

That would be great !

Put it this way!
Trials HD is one of my favourite Games
It has never been ruined!
The Leaderboards are Legit!
Keep it that way.


Ive tried to mod the gpd for trials and i think the times are server side because it doesn’t save ur times offline, it only updates to ur leaderboards when ur online. It might be possible to mod the medals tho ill take a look later

If this was made then … Then … WOW!
And don’t say it’s impossible,
They made an avatar unlocker!

good thinking sir

Would Definitely Use This. Great Suggestion!

Thanks for your input, hopefully it will be created!

Its a really good game. I would not ruin it IMO

I don’t care about leaderboards, make it so the times are bare minimum for medals? I just want to unlock everything and play with fun mods.

if you can mod it then mod it, we dont care if it a legit game or you like it, this is a modding website not some randy site.

Funny how people start saying stuff like leave the game alone, it will ruin the leaderboards and we want them to be legit… bla bla bla…
I say somthing just like that for CoD BlackOps and all i get is your on a modding website bla bla bla…
It’s a basic arcade game and you care more for this than Black Ops? i don’t mind modding at all but you start fcking with the leaderboards then the whole competative side of the game is ruined. And if you only want to mod to get up on the top of the leaderboards you just want to cheat not mod theres a difference you know!

I know what u saying but cod’s not made for the leaderboardcause i can still have fun doing other stuff and so on but trails hd is a game for leaderboard it’s made for that :S if you mod it then it will just wreck the game :anguished: please please dont

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