TRIANGLE STRATEGY Cheats and Trainer for Steam

It worked fine for me. Where did you guys buy the game from?
@juststained @DesiredSeal715

Hi, i cant active kudos and coins trainer, i dont know why but all times i use trainer its active but desactime instant i read the terms for use it but its dont working for me .

Plz help me.

not working

Still not working

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tried and still not working and reinstalled the game using other versions of the game and still nothing all mods deactivate right after activating it.


Is it possible to know which build this mod will work on or to which version the mods will work on?

It seems the EXP multiplier is not working correctly. Sometimes (with certain characters?) it works, sometimes it seems to decrease the EXP gained, sometimes it seems to do nothing. It’s very inconsistent at best.

Doesnt work for me either, immediatley turns off when cheat activated

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This doesn’t work at all for me

it’s not working with latest version of the game. I try others different version and they’re all not working. When I tried to activate any cheats it will deactivate itself immediately.


It’s not working, immediately turns off when cheat activated.
Please update.

None of the cheats work. Is it a version thing?

Same here, turn on cheat & immediately turn off with some kind of error sound effect.

Still isn’t working! :pray:

The TRIANGLE STRATEGY cheats have been updated!


  • Unlimited Quietus Points cheat added
  • Ignore Quietus Usage cheat added

I just tried the trainer but all it does it beeps when i try to use any of the cheats and it doesn’t turn on the cheat selected.

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updated yet it still not working for my game :frowning:

i reinstalled the game and it’s working now

Still doesn’t work, it instantly turned off after i enable the cheats


I’m sorry but do the creators of this cheat program even try to activate the cheats on their game? If it works for them, why isn’t it working for us?