Tried 2 different modding tools for Epic Mickey 2 but nothing happens

Hey everyone! Can someone help me? I tried using a couple of editors with Epic Mickey 2 but they don’t seem to work.

Here were the steps with each editor:

  1. Opened HorizonMB with admin rights
  2. Extracted my save file from USB using HorizonMB into save editor folder
  3. Opened my save file with the editor with admin rights
  4. Mod what I wanted and saved
  5. Injected the modded save file back into my USB
  6. Rehashed and resigned
  7. Plugged my USB back into xbox and loaded the save

Anyone have any ideas as to what might’ve happened and what can I do about it?


Possibly a problem with the editor, could be outdated or just buggy. Try using a different save and/or editor.