Tritton Gaming Glasses - Do they work?

I had heard that Tritton has gaming glasses that actually help you play better.
This is what they look like. These are the Tritton OP300.

Here are a couple paragraphs from the Tritton website.


Sight and sound are the two most important senses when it comes to gaming. To improve the overall gaming experience, TRITTON has collaborated with GUNNAR advanced gaming eyewear to create a new eSPORT style called the ‘TRILOGY’. The Limited Edition ‘TRILOGY’ style is complete with all the attributes of GUNNAR’s eSPORT design, featuring headset compatible temples and patent-pending i-AMP lens technology. Most avid gamers will notice an immediate visual advantage in the short term, and an enhanced gaming experience in the long term. (For more information on GUNNAR’s technology, visit Gunnar Optiks - Products) If reduced reaction time, improved accuracy, and increased visual endurance are critical to your game, then the TRITTON ‘TRILOGY’ is your weapon of choice. MAKE YOUR OTHER SENSES JEALOUS.


Made with the professional gamer in mind, the Tritton Gaming Glasses are designed with a balance of form and function. Using advanced computer algorithms, fRACTYL lens geometry mimics nature by focusing light. The highly wrapped configuration creates an ocular microclimate trapping in humidity and blocking out evaporative air currents. diAMIX lens material offers an optically pure viewing experience enhanced by ultra light, ergonomic properties. Developed specifically to hold the tightest tolerances in precision optics, this advanced polymer provides the best in visibility, flexibility, and durability. i-Fi multi-stage lens coatings filter transmitted light and protect the lens. The anti-reflective portion cuts glare and distracting extraneous light. A hydrophobic component keeps water spots to a minimum while an oleophobic coating protects from smudging and fingerprints. A final hard coat reduces environmental wear and minimizes scratching. With advanced spectrophotometry, GUNNAR’s lab technicians have the ability to study and analyze even the most difficult lighting environments. Each part of the visible and invisible light spectrum can be measured and quantified. To balance and optimize that lighting environment for the needs of the human eye, the GUNNAR lab techs then use a combination of iONik lens tints and i-FI coatings. At any particular wavelength, they can amplify or attenuate the amount of energy allowed to pass to the eye, maximizing the total visual performance possible and engineering the light transmission profile to specific end-use applications.

Original link:
TRITTON Technologies Inc. :: OP300
I could not stay on the site for very long because my computer is overloaded with programs and files. It is very slow.

Does anyone have these and do they actually help you perform better when playing?

(I did not post any of this legit. I copied and pasted from the Tritton website).

No. My friend got them and said they were… anyway he sold them on ebay week after

It says that it increases your ability to notice things with contrast or something like that.
And that it is smudge and fingerprint free because of a special coating.

Well, i got Full HD TV with HDMI… so i dont really believe it does. I got perfect contrast in my tv. it may be diffrent with other TV’s, i dont know.

But personally… i think those are waste of money.

I do to, considering I already wear glasses and I don’t know how I would play without them.
Contrast being better, but trying to see little cod guys running around on my little 20x20 tv?
Not happening.

i got 23’’ Samsung :smile: and i see fine on it, im not wearing glases. Also i play Halo’s, not Cod’s…

so i dont know.

Those look awesome but I doubt it helps u.

I remember seeing that one of the most famous girls of playing xbox wears some sort of gaming glasses.
I can’t remember her name or if they were Tritton OP300’s.

What a waste of money for a stupid pair of glasses :smiley:

I had heard that Tritton has gaming glasses that actually help you play better.

Sorry to tell you, but a pair of glasses isn’t going to help your skill in any way.
They may make the game look better, but that’s about it.

Cant agree more with you. :thumbsup:

Ok so people who wear trittons already look like a football coach / Retard now theres glasses to go with the ****ing retardness of your headset wow… And this is why everyone calls us nerds

Trittons make you look like a football coach.
Turtle Beaches make you look like an airplane pilot. LawlCakes.

Who sees you when ur playing alone? lolwut

I sometimes go to my friends house and he has turtle beaches.
He looks funny with em.
I don’t own any gaming headsets. Just a normal mic from Microsoft.

I got wireless headset, microsoft’s original.

I thought about getting that buy all my friends who have them, the sound annoys me.
They pick up sound a lot easier because they aren’t right against your mouth.
So they have to be more sensitive to pick up voices.

I have a 55" LED Samsung and to be honest if I miss something on that its down to posting and reading theses forums, and some silly glasses wont help that, Now if they displayed XboxMB on a hud within the glasses then fair enough.

I have a yellow lens for my oakley M Frames that I use for shooting and they make a difference there only because 90% of the time in the UK the sky is grey.

They make gaming glasses???

click me

DA ****!!!

Yes, but they’re stupid.
Don’t worry about it.
They seem that they don’t work, as I get from community feedback.