Trouble injecting maps for minecraft

Trouble injecting files into profile, everytime I try the program says it’s successful but the map is showing unknown profile even after I highlighted the profile that the file was being injected into. The thing I see is that the program is not asking me if the profile that I’m using is the one that the file is actually being injected into if that makes any sense.
Please help


Make sure the profile you want to use is selected as your favorite. Click on manage and select it.

If that doesn’t help, try the method below and it should work for you. I add them for my son all the time and this method always works. Good luck.

  1. Put one of your own saves onto your flash drive.
  2. Open that save in Horizon.
  3. Drag the downloaded MC map into Horizon.
  4. Position them side by side like this: [details=Open Me][/details]
  5. Ok, so your own save is to the right and the new MC map is to the left.
  6. Copy and paste the 3 IDs from your save over to the MC map one by one.
  7. Now do Save, Rehash & Resign, wait for confirmation and do it a second time as once doesn’t always work.
  8. Now click on Save to Device in the upper right corner and select your device, click yes to save changes.
  9. Now the MC map is signed to your profile and ready to play.
  10. You can either move it to your 360’s hard drive or load it from your USB drive.