Trouble with modding achievements

I just used the Ex Profile Editor to mod a few offline achievements on Far Cry 4 for my live account. After doing so and connecting to live I noticed that when looking at the game list in the achievements section on my profile, it tells me I only have 2/40 unlocked and shows 30 Gamerscore. However when I select Far Cry 4 and inspect the achievements they all show up. Looking at my profile myself, my Gamerscore looks as it should after adding the new achievements, however I tried viewing it from another Xbox Live profile and noticed the Gamerscore is still where it was prior to modding the achievements. I tried recovering the profile a few times, didn’t help. I’ve modded achievements multiple times for various different games over the last few years so I’m fairly certain I did it correctly, but even went back and did it once more just to make sure, and still the problem persists. Any idea what’s going on? Can I revert back before this or am I just screwed? Sorry if this post is in the wrong section, I’m new here. Thanks in advance.

the same thing happened to me yesterday, was in Rayman Legends (Xbox 360), already deleted the profile and rescued again and does not resolve, then won legitimately achievement in the Xbox One and achievements do not count. Later I won legitimately achievements on Xbox 360 and does not count. I’m worried.