Trouble with saving files in Horizon (Forza4 related)


Horizon was working properly until the latest patch release, now i get this error when saving files.
I tried saving with diffrent computers, diffrent files, diffrent users, diffrent gamertags… basically anything to make sure its not my own mistake.

Link to errormessage:

Appriciate all help :smile:


I’m not sure what your problem is but I’ll suggest uninstalling Horizon and downloading and reinstalling from this link: Download Horizon

Give that a shot and post back with results. Good luck.

Hey and thanks for helping,

It doesnt work with reinstall, and i also just now tried it on a diffrent computer, getting the exact same message even if i downloaded from your link :\

I have also tried to unlock for instance, just one item instead of several at the time. Just to make sure its not about any files. That gives me the same message.

Aren’t there anyone thats available to help me figure out this problem? Its getting kind of frustrating as i can’t find ANYTHING related to it…

Dude, it’s around 7 in the morning my time and most people aren’t usually on around this time. Just give it another hour or two

Can you upload you original unmodified file and send me a download link? I’ll take a look at it.


Acutally i dont have a backup of this file, as it was created just a few weeks ago and i didnt bother to back up an empty account.
But i have allready tried with several diffrent save games, as i have access to diffrent accounts.
Im getting the exact same message on every file, and also if i run it on a diffrent computer.

The errormessage started popping after the update on both xbox and horizon, the earlyer version was working.

I got some more info on this issue…
It seems like more people playing forza4 also having this trouble with Horizon, whoever i ask everyone tells me that it happend after the update.

I suppose thats the problem then. Is there anyone who can confirm if this is correct?

Im really struggling to figure out this… I appriciate if anyone can please take their time to help a fella out…