Ok so here’s the issue. I can’t open, update or get Wemod to run, I’ve had it happen a few times before but normally restarting my computer fixes it by forcing WEmod to close after Ghost running.

Now however, I can’t get it to download, update or reinstall. Every time I try I get an error and Wemod closes. I’ve deleted the program, restarted redownloaded and still getting the error. Anyone have any idea how to get around the issue?

Hey there! Sounds like there may be some corrupt files. I’d recommend trying the following and see if you have the same issue.

  1. Uninstall WeMod
  2. Head to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\
  3. Open the Local folder, and delete the WeMod folder
  4. Go back to the AppData folder
  5. Open the Roaming folder, and delete the WeMod folder
  6. Restart PC

After all that is done, try re-installing WeMod and see if the error persists.

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Aside from what Aussie said above, the most common cause of this is interference from security software on your PC or network. Even if that security software didn’t have an issue with WeMod before.

There’s a troubleshooting post that explains how to resolve the most common issues here: I can’t Install WeMod / "There was a error installing the application" - #2 by Ravenfyre.