Trying to upgrade to Diamond membership

Hi I’m trying to buy a one month membership and after filling out my billing info I click on Upgrade and nothing happens, a blue bar at the top starts filling but then nothing. I’ve tried with both membership options (one month and 12 months) to no avail. I even asked my sister to lend me her credit card to see if mine was the trouble and it’s the same. Any help is appreciated, Thanks.

Have you tried another browser?

Yeah, My first try was on chrome, then Edge and then firefox on another computer.
Edit: typo

Our payment system was down earlier. It should be up and running now. Sorry about that!

Nope, still having the same issue.

Same thing still happening to me, hopefully it can be fixed soon as my subscription really needs renewing

my account is also not working
hope this is fixed soon

i also have having this issue for hours now.