TTG+XboxMB Own Treyarch

Look, It’s 15th Prestige!

Now tell Josh Olin to put that in his pipe and smoke it.

Oh My :o,Finally Some Sort Of Video Proof.


Ill have an inv to one of those sys link lobbys lol :wink:

Who is Jester? ?? Brother of Chester (The Molester)

You guys probably just ruined his weekend. :smile:

Oh yes :smiley:

May I add that jester blows fat **** :smiley:

why ? you will only get reset and banned, lobbys are useless for getting max rank now.

Jesters a kid from 7sins who seems to think he runs the mod scene and is basically right up his own a$$.

I think its Jester who made the Jtag, it makes sense, J =Jester =J(Jester)Tag

Probably wrong, I kinda made that up [:

the worse part about that is there is a bunch of 9yr olds out there that actually belive he is the best modder around and he made the jtag usually because he has a J in his name (LOL) you know your talking to a fag when they think that.

Thats what I was told when I did10th on COD4 and MW2 - I had 10th on mw2 from before it was even released and I havnt been banned or reset.

Treyarch has said anyone ANYONE who has a modded stat is perma banned, no warning. GL to u

yes but this time activision are serious about stopping mods, treyarch WILL have control over seperate players stats, rank and cod points just like bungie do on halo.

Theres gotta be a way for theatre mode to work DVAR’s ??? idk know but there will be a way to disable them :smile:

Well we’ll just have to wait and see.Alot of game companies say this kinda stuff to freak us out - they did it on cod-im not reset,they did it on mw-im not reset,they said it about RDR saves-im not reset.
Its just a scare tactic so ill be more than willing to try it and go online.
Whats the worst that can happen?I get an account ban ill make a new account, I get a console ban ill just use a different console - ive got a few.

just saying but… that doesnt make sense. theater mode makes no difference all they gotta see is a big rise in stats in a single game then you get reset.

Awesome! seems like step 1 is complete, now if we could just get the dashboard issue resolved :o

GREAT work ! I’ve been reading at 7’s and they (jester?) is talking mad smack :laughing::lol:

they cant ban any1 off live


They can perma ban accounts off the game though.

@Altered Jester didn’t make the JTAG lol, jester’s a fag.

I’m going to tweet this at JD_2020 for teh lulz.

@JD_2020 What you think about this TTG+XboxMB Own Treyarch on Vimeo I’m guessing Black Ops is going to be another MW2, lmao.”