Tundra defense mod for xbox 360? is it possible?

i’ve played skyrim vanillia so much i almost sold it i pr- ordered the legendary edition but im getting bored i remembered a step brother of mine modded one of my saves by accident b4 and i had hoy curious how he did it and well here i am so i started looking up on youtube among other sites modded play thrus of skyrim and i seen these two mods i rally wanted which are the tundra defense mod and i believe its the advanced follower tweeks? not for sure but it allows u to have multiple followers and tweek them to be battle mages and one handed weapons mages stuff like that u could set them to those types of builds i highly i doubt it i have been searching all day and cant find anything like a save file having either for the xbox 360 i really dont know if they can be put onto xbox 360 but if they can that would be awesome if someone could mod that in to a save file for me bc like i said im new to the whole modding scene and have absolutely no friggin clue how to do any of that it too me two hours to figure out how to even select the modded save file to my usb drive

if these mods are not possible please terll me it would be appriciated

No, it’s not possible. Only way you can add something that isn’t already in the game is if you have a console capable of running unsigned code, like a jtag or rgh.

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thank you like i said im still new to this stuff