Turn off notifications

I just started using your cheat mod and each time a popup comes on from your advertisers my game shuts down. This can happen at any moment and is very bothersome to say the least. How do I shut off your notifications so that I can play my game without getting interrupted? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

The adverts help to pay the upkeep costs of the software. Unfortunately, maintaining the software isn’t free for the developers. However, you can remove the adverts from Horizon (the Xbox modding tool) by upgrading to a diamond account or from WeMod (the PC modding tool) by upgrading to a Pro account.

Here’s where you can find more information on that:

But, saying that, adverts from Horizon/WeMod should not be causing issues in your games. To me it sounds like you have been infected by malware or adware from a non-WeMod/Horizon source. I’d advise doing a virus scan and/or downloading and running MalwareBytes. If you’ve downloaded Horizon or WeMod from a third party instead of from our official websites, I strongly recommend that you delete it and download only from the official source. Third party software downloads can have all sorts of nasties.